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Adym is the creator and owner of the verbalase channel, Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and Cartoon Beatbox Lessons. He is known for having a talent of beatboxing, acting, and voicing multiple characters at the same time.


  • Adym is 40 years old as of 2024.
  • Adym got his newest house at October 20th, 2020.
  • Adym is a Buddhist.
  • Adym wanted to become a beatboxer since he was four.
  • Adym started his YouTube channel in 2006.
  • Adym's first beatbox routine was his Backwards Beatbox;
  • Adym taught himself how to beatbox and breath at the same time;
  • Adym started his Discord server around 3 million subscribers;
  • Adym stated that he doesn't like maths;
  • Adym is a fan of the animated series Hazbin Hotel.

Plans for Future[]

  • Adym is planning to react to other beatboxers;
  • Adym plans to react to more memes;
  • Adym plans to collab with other youtubers;