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Cartoon Beatbox Wiki is a wiki dedicated to documenting all of the Cartoon Beatbox series, made by Verbal Ase. It is all non-profit by the fans of Cartoon Beatbox Battles/Lessons/Auditions. This wiki also has a fanon wiki, for those who want to put their fan-made episodes, characters, polls, ect.

What is Cartoon Beatbox Battles?
Cartoon Beatbox Battles is a show full of competitors of multiple cartoon characters from multiple series fighting (with beatboxing) in a giant tournament with your ref, Verbal Ase!

What is Cartoon Beatbox Lessons?
Cartoon Beatbox Lessons is a mini-show with your teacher, Verbal Ase, teaching you on how to become a beatboxing legend just like him!

Black Panther Vs Deadpool

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Latest episode

Black Panther Vs Deadpool is an episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles. It's the fourteenth episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the fourteenth episode overall (excluding live episodes).

Verbal Ase first introduces Deadpool to the ring, who is currently making Marvel cookies. Deadpool grabs a flamethrower and burns them. Verbal Ase asks what he is doing, with Deadpool responding that he's just making Marvel cookies. Verbal Ase states that they're burnt, but Deadpool says that he got the recipe from Thanos. Verbal Ase now knows why they're so burnt. Verbal Ase then tries to introduce Black Panther, but gets interrupted by the Dora Milaje, pressuring him to say his real name. Verbal Ase then introduces Black Panther as T'challa, the king of Wakanda. T'challa asks to prefer to be named as Black Panther. This confuses Verbal Ase because ever since Black Panther first came to the ring, he wanted to be named T'challa. Black Panther ignores this, stating that Deadpool stole Wakanda's salute for their X-Force team. Black Panther asks what even is X-Force, stating it sounds like a high-school volleyball team. Deadpool is then seen with X-Force in volleyball outfits, telling Black Panther that he's gonna get served. Verbal Ase breaks the tension, and lets Black Panther go up first. (Full Article...)

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