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Cartoon Beatbox Battles is a show full of competitors of multiple cartoon characters from multiple series fighting (with beatboxing) in a giant tournament with your ref, verbalase!

Cartoon Beatbox Lessons is a mini-show with your teacher, verbalase, teaching you on how to become a beatboxing legend just like him!

Latest episode

Pennywise Vs Patrick is the thirteenth episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the thirteenth episode overall (excluding live episodes). This is the first canon episode to be in the newest digital style, with the true first being Cyborg Vs Terminator.

Verbal ASE first introduces Pennywise to the ring, in which Pennywise gifts Verbal ASE a birthday cake. Verbal ASE tells him it's not his birthday, with Pennywise pushing Verbal ASE to eat it. Verbal ASE runs away, and introduces Patrick. But, before he introduces Patrick to the ring, he uses an airhorn to wake Patrick up from sleeping in the ring. Patrick asks if today is Christmas, then immediately pulls up a Santa hat, saying "Merry Christmas!" Verbal ASE tells him it's not Christmas. Patrick takes off the Santa hat, then wonders why is one of Santa's elves here, even though it's not Christmas. The elf he's referring to is Pennywise. Pennywise then approaches Patrick, threatening him that he will use Patrick as a star for Pennywise's Christmas tree that Pennywise pulls out. Verbal ASE then quickly stops Pennywise, and starts Patrick's beatbox round. (Full Article...)

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